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Spirit Profiles

Animal Spirit Profiles: Amelia Hart


We interviewed and photographed Portland creatives we admire to discover their animal spirits and find out a little bit more about their work.


Amelia Hart: Zebra

Amelia, a Portland hair stylist and make-up artist, has a magician’s way with color — magenta to green, orange to pastels, her work achieves seemingly impossible shades and spectrums. Photographed with the creative and eccentric Zebra card, the matching shirt she happened to wear for the shoot is only further proof of her visionary status.

  1. What is your medium? I'm a hairstylist! I'm the fourth generation in my family to work in this field. 
  2. Three words that describe your work bright, dynamic, colorful
  3. Where do you find inspiration? My clients are some of the greatest inspirations. I have the pleasure of working on lots of amazing small business owners, and helping them create their look, which for many creative people is a huge part of their identity. I'm also constantly inspired by everything, honestly. The color graduation in a rose, the feel colors of a painting create, anything! 
  4. What's your biggest struggle as an artist? My biggest struggle as an artist is my quest for perfection, and having patience with myself and the process.  
  5. How do you rise up against that struggle? I take a lot of pictures of my work and the process, so I can see how much I've accomplished. I also genuinely love my job, so that helps me quiet down my fussiness. 
  6. Do you have a secret talent or super power? My super power is the ability to make people feel their best by helping them look their best. Helping people recognize their own unique beauty is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.