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Spirit Profiles

Animal Spirit Profiles: Lilith Rockett


We interviewed and photographed Portland creatives we admire to discover their animal spirits and find out a little bit more about their work.


Lilith Rockett: Spider


Lilith Rockett is a studio potter whose every porcelain vase, bowl, container and art object is thrown by hand on the wheel. Her insistence on intimate, handcrafted pieces over larger scale production methods requires awe-inspiring attention to detail — not to mention patience. We were reminded of the Spider, who weaves her intricate web again and again neither tiring nor becoming impatient. The result? Disciplined iterations of epic mastery and beauty.


  1. What is your medium? ceramics
  2. Three words that describe your work: Nuanced, fluid, quiet
  3. Three words that describe yourself: Engaged, spontaneous, curious
  4. Where do you find inspiration? Observing how humans interact with the world of objects, social dynamics/relationships, ceremony and ritual
  5. What's your biggest struggle as an artist? Disciplining myself to do the business aspects of my work, my nocturnal preferences  
  6. How do you rise up against that struggle? I do a lot of my business work during the day and creative work at night and then try to take weekends off or at least do something non work related.
  7. Do you have a secret talent or super power? Tenacity, scrappiness, critical eye, strong drive to connect, create, improve circumstances. Gratitude.
  8. What do you think your animal spirit is? Raccoon- nocturnal, urban, dexterity, playful, curious, pirate.
    Spider- creative, generative, mother, creates and recreates beautiful home, dedicated to process, guardian of home, creates similar but unique webs. Connections.