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An Announcement from TWU

The tarot deck I drew five years ago seems to have a life of its own. No matter how I shake my head in disbelief at the orders mailed out each day or the tattoos from the cards sprawling across bodies around the globe, no matter my underlying sense that it’s all going to be over soon, The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook prove me wrong again and again. They have their own destiny, and it’s one that reaches beyond my grasp.


In the spirit of letting these cards spread as far and wide as they can while allowing me room to create new and meaningful work as an artist, I bring you the official news: this October The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck & Guidebook will be released on HarperElixir, a new conscious living imprint from HarperCollins. Final inventory of the current edition deck and guidebook will be sold until August 18, 2016, or until we run out of stock. 


Above all else, the reason I walk into this new journey is because like any artist, I am in search of time. It is our most rare and precious resource. It slips away from us while we tend to the goings-on that any success (small or large) may bring. My drafting table misses me. New books are waiting to be written. It’s a dilemma most artists don’t reveal on Instagram, but it’s real, and is perhaps the most important conversation of our era. How are we spending our time? What is essential to us? What is the single thing we must tend to? 


These thoughts were on my mind when I met with the team behind HarperElixir. As soon as I stepped into their offices adorned with crystals and books that have long influenced me, I knew the deck would be well cared for in the hands of these whip-smart seekers at heart. I got over my initial motherly hesitancy to “let go” of the deck and realized the opportunity grace had placed at my feet: The Wild Unknown deck and guidebook had found their home. A new chapter begins. 


I promise you, my loyal and inspiring TWU community, this is only the beginning. There’s something big at play here, and you’re a part of it. This is chapter one of many. Thank you to all who have been part of this magical tale. 


For more thoughts on creativity, time and setting priorities, watch Lady Gaga’s amazing rant on what happens when creativity takes the backseat, and Greg McKeown’s talk on “essentialism”.

May you always be on the inner quest.