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Spirit Profiles

Animal Spirit Profiles: Arjan Miranda

Arjan Miranda

We interviewed and photographed Portland creatives we admire to find out a little bit more about their work.


Arjan Miranda: Unicorn


If you need a reminder that we're floating in space, on a stellar planet called Earth... Arjan Miranda is your guy. He makes ever-mesmerizing jams, can shred the life out of an electric guitar, believes in time travel, and of course... identifies with the Unicorn. "No really," he said to Kim as she finished the Animal Spirit Deck, "I think I am the Unicorn." With an affinity for world peace and purple hazes, Arjan's soundtracks take you to the Ether and beyond. His soundcloud is waiting for all those Earthlings in need of elevation. 

  1. What is your medium? Music, Sound, Light
  2. Three words that describe your work: Pretty, Infinite, Sad
  3. Three words that describe yourself: Far Out, Fantasy, Friendly
  4. Where do you find inspiration?  Nature, Relationships, Spirit, Struggle, Travel
  5. What's your biggest struggle as an artist? Prioritizing my creativity over life obligations
  6. How do you rise up against that struggle? Constant reaffirmation, weekly support group
  7. Do you have a secret talent or super power? Lightning fingers.
  8. What do you think your animal spirit is? Unicorn