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Spirit Profiles

Animal Spirit Profiles: Emily Katz

Emily Katz


We interviewed and photographed Portland creatives we admire to find out a little bit more about their work.

Emily Katz: Hummingbird

Portland-native Emily Katz is an artistic jane-of-all-trades. Currently fostering the Modern Macrame movement sweeping the globe, she’s had a storied history in the creative arts, with experience ranging from designing her own sustainable clothing brand, to exhibiting work from her watercolor embroidery practice, to fronting a folk ensemble. Her enthusiasm for expression in its many forms reminded us of the Hummingbird who, having learned from which sources nectar always springs, returns to them again and again for nourishment and rejuvenation.

  1. What is your medium? macramé, interiors, travel 
  2. Three words that describe your work. free spirited, romantic, bohemian modern 
  3. Three words that describe yourself. HAHA! kinda the same… I would say for sure free spirited, romantic, and driven. 
  4. Where do you find inspiration? travel, color, architecture, poetry, flowers 
  5. What's your biggest struggle as an artist? making decisions 
  6. How do you rise up against that struggle? I take naps. Usually when I wake up I have a clearer perspective on what I needed to make a decision on! 
  7. Do you have a secret talent or super power? I am a really really good cook, and I used to play autoharp in a band and sing. Also I am insanely lucky with parking spots. And I feel like I can conjure up anything I can dream of. 
  8. What do you think your animal spirit is? Someone once said it was a dearfoxcat