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Spirit Profiles

Animal Spirit Profiles: Jordan Barnes

Jordan Barnes


We interviewed and photographed Portland creatives we admire to find out a little bit more about their work.


Jordan Barnes: Lamb 


As a 35mm film artist and stylist, Jordan’s work captures the ineffable sensuality of the tangible world. His portraits capture casual moments elevated through his eye for sensuality and intimacy, and hint at the deeper stories and narratives that define our lives. In our age of instant digital gratification, Jordan’s commitment to capturing the real, both in his subjects and through his use of film, communicates a vital message about what it means to be alive today. The deep quiet that emerges from his work reminded us of the Lamb card, whose deep peace reverberates through all who encounter it.

  1. What is your medium? 35mm film
  2. Describe your work Editorial depictions of everyday life
  3. Three words that describe yourself Romantic, sensitive, lusty
  4. Where do you find inspiration? People, places and the natural world.
  5. What's your biggest struggle as an artist? Focusing on one idea I really love.
  6. How do you rise up against that struggle? Just doing what feels right and going for it.
  7. Do you have a secret talent or super power? Seeing things in people others don’t. I want to be a casting director.
  8. What do you think your animal spirit is? A feline of some sort