Celtic Cross Part II: The Cross

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Celtic Cross Part II: The Cross


 In a recent post we took a look at cards 1 and 2 of the Celtic Cross Spread. These first cards make up what is also known as “The Heart”. Now we’ll go deeper and take into account the surrounding cards 3-6 that make up what is commonly referred to as “The Cross”. If I were to have my way, I would rename the entire group of cards 1-6 “The House”: it makes understanding the cards intuitive and interesting, the concept of a house giving the heart a place to reside.

So let’s run with the idea for a moment. Think of the way a child draws a house, and envision overlaying that drawing on top of the six cards. Card 3 is below the ground, hidden in the earth, where the basement or foundation might be. Cards 4, 1, 2, and 6 reside in the living or common areas of the house. Card 5 is in the attic, or perhaps hovers above the house like a residing force or blessing. Stay with me… its helpful to break out of the norm and look at the cards through a metaphorical lens.

So we have one room to the left that is occupied by the past, and one room to the right that is occupied by visions of the future. The heart, as always, resides at the center, in the present. Sound familiar? The strength of the entire structure depends on the foundation, and like any basement… we don’t tend to spend much time there. We don’t spend much time in the attic either, or thinking about the grace or blessings that fall onto us from above.

Experiment with this version of the Celtic Cross. Let the concept of the house be a metaphor for the self, or perhaps for your actual home. Run with it. I have found this understanding opens up the spread to reveal many mysteries of the psyche or self that would otherwise remain hidden. Pay special attention to cards 3 and 5… It’s easy to overlook these subtle forces that impact the quality of our lives.

  1. The Heart of the Matter (read our previous post for an in-depth look) 
  2. The Complication (read our previous post for an in-depth look) 
  3. The Foundation Think of this card as the basement, or what underlies the situation or person. The foundation must be strong and clear to support growth. Usually we turn away from or brush over this card, just as we do the junk in our dimly lit basements. Be brave… go down there. It’s well worth taking a long while to understand this card and its implications. 
  4. The Past A past situation or event that remains in the field of consciousness and affects the well being of your day to day life. In a sense, it still “lives” with you. Depending on what card appears you will know immediately what situation it refers to. Do not overthink it. What can you do to lessen the impact it has on the present? 
  5. What Resides Above This card represents the attic, the sky, the heavens, or anything that resides above us. It can also be thought of as a blessing, grace or presiding force. Another way of thinking about this card is an overarching thought or sentiment that reigns. Just like an attic, we may not even know there’s a ghost hiding up there with a message for us. Find out exactly what this entity has to say. 
  6. Future Visions This card represents our visions of the future, or perhaps the future itself. In general we’d like this card to be positive and uplifting, and in a sense to control it. We may spend too much time in this room of our house, doting on the way we want things to be. Notice the Celtic Cross Spread does not end with this card… it continues to card 10, referred to as “the final outcome”. Perplexing, right? We’ll get to that next time…

Keep us posted with your progress #twuspreads and stay tuned for Celtic Cross Part III “The Staff” coming soon!