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Ritual Tips

Deepen Your Reading with Incense


Incense links our material experience with the intangible realms, bringing positivity, peace, and a sense of well-being and protection. The rising smoke helps to ignites our higher awareness and attunes our intuitive knowing. Here are a few favorite ways to incorporate incense into your Animal Spirit practice.

  1. Break in a New DeckAny time you bring a new deck into your life, it’s vital to take your time getting to know the cards and their imagery before diving more deeply into their given meaning. As you gaze at the cards, the uplifting properties of Nag Champa can be used to help inspire creative thought, assisting you in gaining fresh awareness of what each card evokes on a personal level. 
  2. Awaken the EnergyOpening up the space before a reading creates a sacred atmosphere for the insights to come. Nag Champa is an activating fragrance that creates a golden aura of protection around both the reader and the cards. You can use it alone, or alongside your favorite smudging tool before a reading to cleanse the space of any negative influences or vibrations. There’s no right way to do this — just know that the more intentional you are in crafting your initiatory ritual, the more powerful your reading will prove.
  3. Connect to your Intuitive PowerIncense can also be used during a reading to connect more deeply to any individual card(s) you don't understand. Sandalwood soothes the conscious mind and raises our innate intuitive abilities, making it ideal for this kind of depth exploration.

    Set your intention and awareness on the energy you intend to explore, and light the incense. Then close your eyes and focus on your breath. It should only take a few minutes to begin to feel fresh insight begin to open. If nothing changes, don’t give up — stick with it. You may want to draw a fresh card for additional contemplation.
  4. Cleanse the Space (and your Deck!) After a ReadingIncense harnesses the power of the elements to cleanse the cards, a practice you can employ after each session with the cards or following a particularly negative reading. Sandalwood is associated with both fire and water, giving it the potential to both burn off negativity and wash away frustrated energies. It evokes a calming, meditative spirit whenever its lit, so if difficult energy interferes during the course of a reading, sandalwood will help calm the vibrations.