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Ritual Tips

Kim's Ritual Bag

I think I could survive on a desert island for a lifetime with this bag of tools! Here's what I keep with me to create powerful rituals anywhere, anytime.

  1. Oblique Strategies DeckI was lucky enough to find this out-of-print deck by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, and now it's always by my side.
  2. Praying figuresThese ceramic figurines create an instant sangha. You can always find a good selection here.
  3. Red stoneI picked up this little guy during a trip to India. It now serves as a constant reminder of my experiences there.
  4. Skull malaMy favorite mala beads from Varanasi keep me awake to the deep truths of impermanence and freedom.
  5. Matches with hand-drawn peace symbolMake peace everywhere. 
  6. Stone from Lake SuperiorThe perfect shape for burning incense cones on-the-go.
  7. Blackbird incenseJust can't get enough of Ozo.
  8. Ritual bagMy go-to is the Animal Spirit bag.
  9. Hexagonal smoky quartzSacred geometry for deepening meditation and readings.