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Animal Spirit Reading Contest

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Now the fun part!
Ask a question 
Focus on the cards
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See what you got 
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The suit of survival & instinct, the Earth creatures represent our relationship to fears & habits. Are we creatures of habit or makers of our own destiny? The great Earth cards lead you to the answers.

  1. BEAR waking up, beginning anew                 

  2. EARTHWORM shy, hesitant, intimidated

  3. MOUSE detail-oriented, nitpicky, nervous

  4. RABBIT afraid, overwhelmed, frozen

  5. RACCOON talented, shadowy, in hiding

  6. FOX adaptive, smart, strong partner

  7. SNAKE guardian of magic & creativity

  8. BUFFALO trusting, practical yet spiritual

  9. LAMB peaceful, prophetic, messenger

  10. ELK stable, resilient, the father

  11. DEER gentle, intuitive, the mother

  12. WOLF protector of family & tribe

  13. SPIDER prosperity, following dharma

  14. HORSE freedom, expansive energy & force


The creatures of the Water element represent our emotional world.  They point to relationships, love, boundaries, & creativity… our “flow” if you will. When the Water is crystal clear, we know it in our hearts.

  1. CROCODILE resting, collecting energy, cooling

  2. STINGRAY developing sense of self or “spine”

  3. FISH restless, change of focus

  4. STARFISH beautiful, alluring, superficial

  5. OCTOPUS lacking boundaries & direction

  6. BEAVER tireless, hardworking, family focused

  7. OYSTER secret-keeper, hiding inner treasures

  8. TURTLE ancient soul, at home in the self

  9. FROG clearing, cleansing, rejuvenation

  10. OTTER joy, playfulness, contentment

  11. SHARK exposure, revealing the true self

  12. SWAN effortless creativity, sensitive mystic

  13. DOLPHIN innately intelligent, healer, blessing

  14. WHALE delves deep, profound peace, wisdom

FIRE - CREATURES OF THE DESERT & GRASSLANDS                  The creatures of the Fire element lead us toward change. They represent the ego, & challenge us to become our best selves. Although these cards appear more frequently when conflict or discomfort is present, the heat they emit is the elixir of our transformation.

  1. FIRE ANT aggression, following orders

  2. HYENA self sabotage, humor, sarcasm

  3. SCORPION passionate, competitive, solitary

  4. LIZARD instinctual, sensitive to the subtle

  5. PANTHER annihilation of the unnecessary, purge

  6. TARANTULA at a crossroads, claim life’s purpose

  7. CAMEL resourceful, independent, at ease

  8. GAZELLE heightened awareness, vulnerability

  9. CHEETAH action, achievement, solar forces

  10. TIGER sensuality, receptivity, lunar forces

  11. COBRA waiting, going inwards to decide

  12. ZEBRA eccentric, creative, visionary

  13. LION regal, stealth, a complete master

  14. ELEPHANT unstoppable, auspicious, wise


AIR - CREATURES OF THE SKY                                                   
The creatures of the Air element move quickly & decisively. They are known to “see” more than others, & this can lead to powerful & discerning qualities. However, the speed at which they move often leaves them ungrounded.

  1. MOTH impulsive, foolish, wishful

  2. BUTTERFLY growing pains, transformation

  3. BAT letting go, death leading to rebirth

  4. FIREFLY inspired & fantastic, yet fleeting

  5. BEE earnest, hardworking, democratic

  6. HUMMINGBIRD positive, spiritually vibrant

  7. VULTURE purifier, essential for rebalance

  8. CROW spiritually strong, watchful

  9. OWL abundance, clairvoyance, treasures

  10. DRAGONFLY master of light, illusion, & the mind

  11. NIGHTINGALE healing with speech, sound or song

  12. PEACOCK inner-beauty, compassion, assimilator

  13. HAWK watchful, all-seeing, fate’s messenger

  14. EAGLE truth-seeker, transforms karma


SPIRIT - CREATURES OF THE ETHER                                   
The creatures of the Spirit element do not live on Earth as we know it. They are inhabitants of a dimension beyond… the cosmic ether. These seven trump cards represent significant challenges or awakenings of the inner self, or soul. Like guardians from another realm, they are watchful & protective when we are at a crossroad in our lives.


  1. PHOENIX 1st chakra: rising from the ash of past karma

  2. SEA SERPENT 2nd chakra: healing emotional wounds, forgiving

  3. DRAGON 3rd chakra: transforming the self, balancing the ego

  4. GOLDEN EGG 4th chakra: listening to the heart, quiet introspection

  5. BLACK EGG 5th chakra: speaking from an authentic voice, the truth

  6. UNICORN 6th chakra: reconnecting to higher wisdom or divinity

  7. COSMIC EGG 7th chakra: glimpsing enlightenment, the infinite