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Thats right, we make records too!

Follow us @twu_records for the deepest esoteric cuts, produced by TWU founder Arjan Miranda featuring artwork by Kim Krans.

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TWUR002 - Aska Matsumya - We are water 
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And then she was gone. Forgive me if I start abruptly, but death has no soft entry. Desiree is not the first friend I have lost, nor will she be the last. Perhaps I am your friend and death will come for me next. I called Aska and told her about the ritual, about the poetic act to honor the passing. Aska flew on a plane, we initiated the act and recorded to tape. Analog captures psychic vibes more accurately. I believe art can hold and transform psychological pain. I am not a shaman. I am an artist. I conceived the ritual on a piece of paper and it worked. Ritual is in our bones, in our ancestry, it’s one of our many birthrights. We never get over death, but we can take actions to assimilate it into our waking life. My mother wrote on her deathbed “I wish I spent more time in nature observing the little things”. I took this record to the forest and lay on the ground, looking up at the treetops swaying and let the leaf light pierce my wounded heart. I hope you will do the same.

- AM


TWUR001 - Arjan Miranda - Spiritual America 

Arjan Miranda Spiritual AmericaSpiritual America LP $25 


Arjan Miranda's debut album calls to us from that uniquely American underworld where spirituality intersects with rock and roll. Mystical and nostalgic, Spiritual America is a burning homage to the seeker in us all, the one still longing for a better world but willing to face the one we’re in. Features cover art by Kim Krans, and includes a poster mandala illustrated by Kim Krans, Stacey Rozich, Elena Stonaker, and Lori D. 

Peace on earth!