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Tarot Readings

What will the cards reveal to you?



We've partnered with four of our favorite Portland-area tarot readers to offer readings inside our mirrored tarot house within The Wild Unknown shop. Sessions are offered Thursday through Sunday, 11am-6pm. Cost is $30 for 20 min, $60 for 40 min, or $90 for 60 min reading, to book please call the shop at (503) 593-5556.

Need insight ASAP? Call or stop by the shop during tarot reading hours Thursday through Sunday and we’ll do our best to set you up with a same-day appointment.

What to Expect

You may wish to arrive a few minutes early to quiet your mind and get centered before your appointment. Your reader will invite you into our mirrored tarot house when it's time to begin.

You can share as much or as little with your tarot reader as you’d like; just remember that your reader is here to listen, and use the cards as a practical guide to help you! Everything you discuss is completely confidential.

Don’t be afraid to take notes during your reading. You’re also welcome to record your session, or take a picture of the cards once the reading has concluded.

Enter with an open mind, and stay receptive to what’s revealed.

Feel free to browse the shop after your reading with 10% off any same-day purchase - perhaps you'll find a tool you can bring into your own practice! If you'd like to schedule another session, just head over to the counter to schedule your appointment.

Our Readers

We've worked directly with every reader we've partnered with, and have experienced their wisdom and magic firsthand. If you'd like to request a session with a particular reader, please contact the shop at (503) 593-5556.


Brooke Dabalos, known as The Lady Of Lightning, is an intuitive reader, sound healer, and spiritual counselor. Her guidance illuminates what needs to change in your life by transforming pain from the past into inspiration and practical solutions. Brooke is a compassionate listener that acknowledges where you are, and explores the possibilities of where you want to be.

Iris Misciagna is a witch and teacher who has been practicing the craft for more than a decade. A student of Colette Gardiner and Pomegranate Doyle, she is a graduate of the Blue Iris Mystery School and continues to teach in the school. She has been reading the cards for 15 years. Iris holds the Tarot as a powerful tool for healing and awareness and brings dedication, deep intuition, and a sense of humor to her work. 

Jesse Carsten approaches tarot as a therapeutic gateway, with the ability to lead one down the royal road to the deepest callings of sparkling soul. In archetypically-inflected readings, Jesse offers healing reflections – poetic and direct, dream-like and practical – to stimulate growth and transformation in your life. Whether working through creative blocks, relationship issues, or searching for a feeling of divine direction, Jesse’s readings offer a sense of gravity and vision on your path of becoming.

Katalin Koda is an intuitive, author, ceremonialist and healer. Her twenty year study and practice with Tarot is supported by the sensitive gifts passed down through her ancestor's Hungarian lineage, shamanic healing arts and a strong Vajrayana practice. Her readings assist clients on a soul level providing clarity, wisdom and ceremonial guidance. Find her at