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Complete Animal Spirit Kit

All the essential tools for immersing yourself in the Animal Spirit universe.

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Animal Spirit Deck: 63 vibrant, heavy-stock cards filled with powerful animal archetypes and creatures grounded in the natural world. The deck can be used alone for finding insight into relationships, personalities, behaviors, and tendencies, or used alongside The Wild Unknown Tarot to add an additional layer of depth to readings. Each deck includes a fold-out poster and comes housed in a sturdy iridescent box with grey lifting ribbon. 

Animal Spirit Guidebook: A 200-page guide to the animals, creatures, and elements that animate the Animal Spirit Deck. Written and illustrated by Kim Krans.

Spirit Cloth - A mind-expanding cloth to support transformational readings with any deck. Hand-illustrated by artist Kim Krans, the Spirit Cloth empowers newcomers and experienced readers alike with eight truth-revealing spreads to access inner wisdom and knowing. Accompanied by 16 colorful pages of illuminating instructions and imagery.

Animal Spirit Ritual Bag - A cosmic ritual bag for on-the-go readings and adventures. Our white linen Animal Spirit Ritual Bag is printed with shimmery silver snakeskin reminiscent of the Animal Spirit Deck cardbacks. A velvet drawstring releases to reveal a silver lining perfect for protecting your favorite deck.

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