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Complete Tarot Kit

Everything you need to explore the mystical landscape of The Wild Unknown Tarot.

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The Wild Unknown Tarot speaks with a quiet, clear and resonant voice. The 78 vibrant, heavy-stock cards illuminate The Major Arcana and suits of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles with archetypes and themes steeped in the natural world.  

The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook is an essential primer into the themes and concepts that animate The Wild Unknown Tarot. With three all-new spreads included, this 200+ page guidebook offers insight into shuffling and cutting the deck, readings, and the meaning of all 78 cards from the tarot deck.

The Spirit Cloth empowers newcomers and experienced readers alike with eight truth-revealing spreads to access inner wisdom and knowing. Designed for use with any deck, this 27 x 27" black cotton cloth is accompanied by 16 colorful pages of illuminating instructions and imagery.

The Tarot Ritual Bag is printed with shimmery gold metallic snakeskin. A black velvet drawstring releases to reveal a golden lining perfect for protecting your favorite deck, with room to spare for bringing along crystals, sage, or any other small ritual must-haves.

Open your mind, draw a card, and have fun on your journey…  

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